Blog Writing

Blog Writing and 12 Amazing Reasons to Start One Today

Blog Writing is a difficult task, especially if you have to write new articles for your business at least once a fortnight. Have you not yet launched a blog for your business? Why are you waiting any longer? If it’s the justification you need, then look no further. However, if you run a small business,

Startup Dreams in 2022 Should Focus on Time

In 2022, Your Startup Dreams Should Focus on Time

Startup Dreams is the most beautiful and nerve-wracking part of a Startup Journey. But time is not always available to fulfil your Startup Dreams. Time is King. The nonsense you and I grew up with telling us that Cash is King is worthless. If you don’t have time, what will a large bank account mean?

8 Books on Word-of-Mouth Marketing You Need to Read

8 Books on Word-of-Mouth Marketing You Need to Read

Word of mouth marketing is the oldest, most cost-efficient, and most effective way to create customers and grow any business. Research shows that word of mouth remains the most likely way that consumers make purchase decisions, and that effect is even stronger among younger consumers.   Despite its importance, word of mouth is somewhat under-represented